An Introvert’s Confession

As I write these lines I know you are secretly reading them. I guess it’s finally time after what can only seem like forever. Over two decades of my life have gone by and I have never met anyone like you. You are the closest thing to my soul. I want you to know that you are incredibly special to me.

I can’t think of the right words you deserve, so I guess I’ll start with an apology. I am sorry for not acknowledging your existence for a really long time. I am sorry for when I hid behind my mask and never gave you a chance. I know our relationship has always been strange and I am sorry I didn’t always listen or let you speak. I am sorry for blaming you when I wasn’t at my best. I am sorry I don’t give you enough credit for all that is good in my life.

Between my childish thoughts and irrational decisions, thank you for not losing faith in me. When my path was dark, thank you for being my navigator and leading me towards the light. Thank you for lifting my spirits when I was down. Thank you for giving me the courage to face my fears. Thank you for all my desires. Thank you for inspiring me with your ideas. Thank you my dear subconscious for being an awesome person and most importantly thank you for letting me be me.

Yours Truly

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Vishal Kaja

I make my own choices even if there are none.

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